Is Dermabrasion is Useful in Facial Scars

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I have scars in the facial skin because of the pills youth in the past, as well as discoloration of the skin heard about Dermabrasion Do you think it will improve scars and pigmentation and thank you? Based Dermabrasion removes the upper layers of the skin so it is not effective for the treatment of deep wrinkles or scars acne deep skin pigmentation, and be effective in the case of wrinkles and scars light.

One of the advantages Dermabrasion skin that does not require anesthesia and is painless and can be performed at intervals short, a quick and easy implementation does not take from the time the patient.

Before peeling crystal should consult a specialist doctor operations peel and inquire about the complications and the results that can be obtained after peeling and the doctor know the quality of the skin of the patient and the depth of wrinkles and scars and pigmentation to choose the best way to peeling, as well as knowledge of the nature of the work of the patient so as not to cause peeling to delay the work.

As is the case in the operations of peeling other, choice of the patient is necessary crystal fits people who suffer from wrinkles light and scars superficial but they cannot be absent from their work for long periods and need quick results.

Should be patient expectations about Dermabrasion realistic goal is to improve fine wrinkles and scars and light skin pigmentation, and in cases of deep wrinkles resort to methods of peeling other. Considered Dermabrasion is safe for the skin brown as opposed to methods of peeling other chemical and laser peels that may cause complications to the skin. findings from dermabrasion is possible to strengthen medical treatment using topical creams such as a vitamin creams and fruit acid and vitamin c In the case of pigmentation advisable to use bleaching creams between therapy sessions and the use of moisturizing creams and sunscreens constantly.

Before peeling crystal is clean the area of makeup and oils there is no need for local anesthesia and is removed lenses and put a mask on the eyes for protection of atoms volatiles are passed device Dermabrasion on the area to be peeled and varies the number of times traffic by region, The area of the forehead, chin and nose need to pass several times and continue therapy sessions peeling crystal of 30-40 minutes of time for the face and 20 minutes of the neck. After peeling is clean the skin and remove the powder crystal and put moisturizing creams and then used with sunscreens.

Peel effective requires between 5-12 treatment session is possible that longer and especially to the problem of acne scars surface initially treatment can be a week or every two weeks and then follow the sessions monthly and then yearly in order to maintain the results.

Must be aware of the patient before he chooses a dermabrasion that a doctor specializing in his first opinion after conducting the necessary tests on the skin in order to ensure the possibility to take advantage of that process or not, as well as make sure that the conduct will not have negative effects on the skin, and there are no side effects to the process of dermabrasion, but is the process effective, safe, fast and give in all cases, the results of a good person feels after the spirit of a lively and generally seems.


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